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What people are saying about the program:

Life on Life curriculum provides all that a teacher needs to see children grow in their faith, develop strong character qualities that will shape them as they grow, and equip them with life skills to be healthy adults.

Life on Life discipleship promotes life transformation that speaks to the whole child, including a child considered vulnerable and at-risk.

Spiritual Formation

Children’s lives are transformed by the love of God as they learn what it means to love Jesus and become a child of the Heavenly Father.

Character Development

Children are encouraged to develop character qualities because they love and want to honor Jesus. These skills teach them what they need to become healthy members of the family of God and society.

Life Skills

Children learn valuable life skills that will keep them safer and healthier, while preparing them for life as adults. Learning Christian values is important but developing a right relationship with God is more important—and living rightly will follow.

Resource Articles

Resource Articles, written by experts from around the world, will equip the teacher to help children learn and grow. Topics include such things as “How to Tell If a Child Has Been Sexually Abused,” “How Boys/Girls Learn,” or “Childhood Grief”.

Life on Life is a good curriculum as it’s focused on the total development of the child for now and the future.


Calvin Methodist Church Hyderabad India

The Church of Uganda has become a place for creating hope for the young people with many of our centres now involved in children’s safeguarding and protection and helping children see themselves as accepted and loved by both God and the church.

Richard Rukundo

Provincial Children’s Coordinator Church of Uganda

I love this curriculum! It’s holistic, covering key biblical principles while developing social, physical, emotional, and educational aspects that children need to know. Our children are being discipled through this resource and I’m excited to see where it leads in them in the years to come!


Children of the Nations Dominican Republic

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